Keystone Seven

In the course of the last few weeks, in addition to “live events” (e.g., Johannesburg, Mexico City), I’ve been working on a set of “Keystone Presentations,” seven to be exact. Fact is, they collectively amount to a significant shift in emphasis. I am focusing on the “practical” “eternal” “human” (oh so human!) basics of GTD/Getting Things Done, or Implementation. We have posted several of these presentations along the way. With this post I want to offer you, in one place, all seven—prior to my taking off for a week-long trek on the Dalmation Coast-Croatia.

[Download links for all seven are below—CM]
The Alternate Master—The 1158-slide set that Tom would choose from if he were presenting a day-long seminar
Real People (PDF)—Also known as “Excellence for the Rest of Us: A Book for Real People, Working in the Real World in 2008”
The Healthcare Master—Ten Years in the Making, a completely annotated slides presentation
The Implementation Master—The case for Implementation as business strategy #1
3 Cases—Implementation—A corollary to the Implementation Master above
Guru Gaffes—Contrasts: Guru-world vs. Real World
Equations—A series of equations stating that “Success is a function of …”

Tom Peters posted this on April 22, 2008, in Tom's Slides.
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