So, Work Really Does Matter …

Readers of this blog will be well aware of the TP/TPC bias towards work. For many years now, the mantra “the work matters” has been at the heart of Tom’s and TPC’s philosophy, so it is always heartening when solid research comes to the same conclusions as we do! A recent study in the UK by CHA Communications Consultancy has shed light on the motivation that people have towards their work. Their study of over 1500 UK employees from across public, private, and charity sectors points to the fact that over three quarters of those surveyed want to feel that the work they are doing is worthwhile. Their definition of what makes a job worthwhile: that the work contributes to society, that it is a job they can do well, and that it is a job they can be proud of.

Sadly, almost half of those surveyed are looking for a more worthwhile job than the one they now have. And ironically, although those in the private sector see the charitable and public sectors as being more promising places to find worthwhile work, at the same time, a quarter of public and charity sector workers are frustrated enough by bureaucracy and red tape to be considering a move in the opposite direction!

I am left wondering, in today’s world of Brand You, whether the challenge of finding meaning in one’s work should be down to the employee herself? Surely it is up to each of us to make the connections and to discover for ourselves the purpose in what we are employed to do? It would be great if leaders could do this for us, but since work means different things to each of us, surely we have at least some responsibility to do this for ourselves?

To follow the tone of Tom’s recent “reality” blog, what do you believe is realistic to expect of our leaders as they set a context for our work? And what should be done by people for themselves?

Madeleine McGrath posted this on March 21, 2008, in Brand You.
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