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Have you checked out the PSF wiki lately? Feeling shy? No need! People are joining in and sharing their stories and thoughts about PSF strategy. Here are a few examples you’ll find there:

On taking ownership:
Madeleine McGrath: “A client of ours pulled off a remarkable PSF transformation by positioning his management team of a business unit as a Professional Service to the organisation. He launched the initiative by calculating the gross cost of employment of the 12 person team (a few miilion UK pounds!) and asking if they felt they could justify the value that they added. There was a tense moment or two at the event, but from that point onwards we noticed a shift in the team’s mindset. We went on to reframe their work agenda to transform the ownership that they had of what the unit was attempting to achieve.”

On selecting clients carefully:
Mike Neiss: “A psf doesn’t ‘sell stuff’ to a client, they join them in a partnership to do great things. And just like external knowledge workers, an internal psf is only as good as their last client. So when you find a turned on, gets it, passionate client, coddle them with fantastic results. You really need to see your “brand” as an extension of the clients. As an external provider, it does take some real thought and quite frankly, courage, to turn down a client. Cash flow does matter! And internally, it is very difficult to turn down a request. However… doesn’t mean you have to provide WOW in equal measures. As an external consultant, we have to have faith that a remarkable engagement with a cool client will lead to lots of business by word of mouth. And likely to clients that are also cool. Internally, positive press regarding your best client’s results will do the same. You don’t get cash, you get political currency!”

This is based on Tom’s PSF 50List, so there are plenty of topics to cover under the PSF umbrella. Let us hear your stories. Simply click Edit Page at the top of the page to which you’d like to contribute. The password/invite key is tompeters. See you there!

Shelley Dolley posted this on February 11, 2008, in Announcements.
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