Cool Friend: Dan Hill

Dan Hill knows if you’re going to buy that sweater before you do. He’s an expert in reading facial codes and he shares the inside scoop on this technique with us in the latest Cool Friends interview. He’s taken it past purchasing impulses to how it can affect corporate culture. And you definitely don’t want to challenge him to a game of poker.

Dan’s the founder and president of Sensory Logic, Inc., a scientific, research-based consultancy that specializes in psycho-physiological consumer insight testing and sensory-emotional branding. His first book was Body of Truth: Leveraging What Consumers Can’t or Won’t Say, and he joins us to talk about his second one, Emotionomics: Winning Hearts and Minds. Read the interview; we know you’ll like it.

Cathy Mosca posted this on January 16, 2008, in Cool Friends.
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