100 Ways to Succeed #105:

Master of Internal Processes

(More from the Charlie Wilson post.)

Become a Master of Internal Processes. Recall, from the Charlie Wilson post the reference to Tom DeLay who effectively controlled the House of Representatives by grabbing control of internal processes. This requires heavy investment (again) (what doesn’t?) and a passion for details. This one, too, is open to junior folks.

Addenda: If you are boss of a project team, no matter how small, include a Master of Process, preferably with corporate staff experience, for your team. Also bring on someone who likes to “do lunch” with those in the “underbelly” (Gust Avrakotos—CIA) of the organization; this, Ms Project Manager, is your job, too—personally. Incidentally (not so incidentally, actually) “Ms” is likely to be far more effective at this than “Mr.”

Tom Peters posted this on January 7, 2008, in Success Tips.
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