Three Cheers For Us!
Whoops, Hold The Applause!

“We” (Americans) are near the top of the “get it” list when it comes to providing women equal opportunities to men. Hey, it’s what I thought—and I study this stuff. The World Economic Forum begs to differ. Their annual “Global Gender Gap” assessment is based on: (1) educational attainment; (2) economic participation and opportunity; (3) political empowerment; and (4) health and survival. The U.S.A. ranks … 31st! (Um, down from a lofty 22nd in 2006.) We are indeed well ahead of Chad and Yemen, the two worst at #127 and #128. But, we are behind Sweden (#1), Germany (#7), Cuba (this year’s #22), Bulgaria (#25), and Estonia, immediately above us at #30.

Source: Time, 11.26.07

Tom Peters posted this on December 7, 2007, in Trend$.
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