100 Ways to Succeed #100:

Passing the “Squint Test”

When you squint at the page in the annual report featuring the Executive Team, does the gender and skin-tone roughly match the demographics of the market being served?

(Notice that I purposefully said “roughly”; I’m not looking for quotas, just very rough approximations.)

If you fail the “squint test,” what is your 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year program, including immediate “next steps” for addressing the issue?

Note of importance: This holds as much for a 23-person project team as it does for a division or company as a whole.

My opinion: Fix the “women part” first. I.e., more or less … now.

(P.S. We ain’t done yet! #101 on our “Top 100” success strategies comes Monday.) (Probably.)

Tom Peters posted this on December 7, 2007, in Success Tips.
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