100 (Or So) Ways to Succeed #101:

“Investment” Plan/
New Year’s Resolution

During his days as Goldman Sachs boss, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson had an invariant habit. He would call “60 CEOs in the first week [of the year] to wish them happy New Year.” During my brief White House stint in the mid-seventies, I spent eight or nine straight hours one New Year’s Eve on my office phone. I called close to 100 people I worked with—in agencies all over Washington and in embassies around the world—to thank them for their help in the prior year. In addition to enjoying the chats, which I did (I suspect Paulson did, too), I admit that I was purposefully engaging in an ADRE … Act of Deliberate Relationship Enhancement.

While I fully buy “If you aren’t sincere, it won’t work,” I nonetheless urge you to develop some similar ritual. Moreover, I urge you to do it in the next couple of weeks!

Think ADRE. Twelve months a year!

Tom Peters posted this on December 10, 2007, in Success Tips.
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