Cool Friend: Matthew Kelly

Got dreams? Our new Cool Friend Matthew Kelly says that a lot of people have simply stopped dreaming. "And if they've stopped dreaming in their own life, good luck trying to get them to subscribe to a dream that you have for your organization." Find out more about the kind of impact dreams and ambitions have on an organization in the Cool Friends interview or in Matthew Kelly's book, The Dream Manager. Tom called it magnificent. He saw it in an airport bookstore, and though he was a bit wary of its parable presentation, he skimmed it, got hooked, and Kelly was on his way to becoming a Cool Friend. So, read the interview, pick up the book, and judge for yourself. And, should Kelly's message really resonate with you, he offers the Dream Manager Program at his company, Floyd Consulting, to help others bring dreams to life.

Cathy Mosca posted this on November 10, 2007, in Cool Friends.
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