Happy Days!
(For Me.)

Last week I wondered, in a Post, why one would want to work for any of BusinessWeek‘s best companies for college grads—or, rather, best VERRRY BIGGGGG companies. Musta been listenin’ over at Dow Jones. (Just kidding.) Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal, in a special section on small business, headlined with “Top Small Workplaces 2007.”


Included: Alaska Wildland Adventures. Gentle Giant Moving. Cowden Associates. (Accounting, definitely not “Big Four.”) Guerra DeBerry Coody. (Advertising-PR.) Healthwise. (Health info provider.) NRG Systems (Wind-measuring equipment—from Hinesburg VT.) Phelps County Bank. Etc.

The WSJ sub-head: “What Makes a Great Workplace? Among other things: having employees who feel empowered and convinced they have a future at the company.” (See tomorrow’s Post.)

Thanks, WSJ—you made my day!
(And I’m thinking of applying for a job—Hinesburg isn’t that far away, and I’m a bit of a windbag.)

Tom Peters posted this on October 2, 2007, in Excellence.
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