Boomer Social Sites

In July 2006 when we spoke with Cool Friend Robin Wolaner, she told us she was working on a new venture but all she would tell us was that it was an Internet product. Well, seems she’s started a boomer social site called As in To Be Determined. According to a New York Times article about her site and other social sites for the older crowd, she came up with the idea “when I was sitting around with friends and we said, ‘We’re not going to hang out at the AARP site. What is there for us?'”

The To Be Determined name makes sense for the boomer cohort as well. According to research in Marti Barletta’s latest book, PrimeTime Women™ (see most recent interview with Marti here), 59 percent of women 50 to 70 years old feel that their greatest achievements are still ahead of them. So, yes, their lives are still to be determined.

We send our best wishes for success to Robin and the rest of her team at TeeBeeDee.

Erik Hansen posted this on September 13, 2007, in Trend$.
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