The Big Train
Pulled Out Of The Station …

One hundred years ago today, on 2 August 1907, Walter Johnson took the mound for the first of his 802 lifetime appearances for the Washington Senators baseball team. He lost that day, but went on to win 411 games with a fastball that may never have been equaled.

I grew up 30 miles from Washington, and saw my first major league game at Griffith Stadium in D.C., probably about 1949. Though some of my learned fellow baseball pals of that era were Christy Matthewson [NY Giants hall of fame pitcher] defenders, I was adamant that The Big Train, as he was called, was the best pitcher ever. In fact, I still am adamant.

So Happy 100, ghost of The Big Train.

(Why does this belong in this Blog? Because it’s a gorgeous, hot summer day—and if you are not musing on Walter Johnson today, then in my book you’ve got a problem. And, since this is, in a sense, my “book” …)

Tom Peters posted this on August 2, 2007, in Excellence.
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