Special Slides: 25

Last week, Tom posted his seven-part Master Slides Presentation (original post here). As usual, Tom included slides in shorthand, numbers only, one word, etc., and if you don’t have the luck to attend one of his seminars, you don’t have a clue what he means. So, Gene Moorhead of Montgomery, Alabama, wrote to the website asking for an explanation of a slide showing nothing but the numeral 25, and he inspired Tom to compile a new mini-PPT. It seems that Tom met Starbucks Chairman and former CEO Howard Schultz once, and during their conversation, Howard mentioned that—to this day, international expansion notwithstanding—he still visits 25 Starbucks stores a week. That reminded Tom of MBWA (Managing by Wandering Around) from In Search of Excellence. Here, then, is the result: The Magic Number 25 / MBWA / Calendars Never Lie / Excellence. Always.

Cathy Mosca posted this on July 10, 2007, in Tom's Slides.
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