Excellence, Version 2007!
A Seven-part Harmony!
The Best I Can Do!

Since my last speech, on June 3rd, I have, for the most part, been ignoring one and all. The reason is a project I finished this morning. I have thoroughly (more thoroughly than in years) revised the Master Presentation. Literally thousands of small edits, a substantial body of new slides, and reorganization have been chalked up.

The result is a seven part presentation—including roughly 2,700 slides.

The parts are:

Part One: Context. Excellence. “Must dos.”
Part Two: Innovation. The case. Tactics (e.g., SAV—Screw Around Vigorously).
Part Three: Climbing-clawing Up-up-up-up the Value-added Ladder. Solutions-The Essential Professional Service Firm model-Experiences-Dreams-Lovemarks.
Part Four: Staggering “New” Market Trillion-dollar opportunities—still neglected. Women. Boomers & Geezers. Women. “Best fit” as Tomorrow’s Leaders.
Part Five: “People.” Brand You imperative. “Talent,” best Roster wins. Leadership for Excellence by Passion & Persistence.
Part Six: Key Lists (E.g., “The Irreducible 209.” “Us”-“Them.”).
Part Seven: The “Talent 50,” The Leadership 50.”

I may subsequently add a few light annotations … but this is “it” … all of it … my best shot … for now. I hope it’s useful; it exists for you to steal!