Notes from the Road

I spoke to CO-OP Network today. They run the most extensive, co-operative ATM (EFT, deposit sharing) network serving credit unions. It is a true co-op, as the participating credit unions own them. I have a warm spot for then—the D.C. based Navy Federal Credit Union was my first “bank.” They face enormous challenges—as every aspect of financial services becomes more and more competitive.

While it is great to be on the road (out of the U.S.), it’s also great to be home. One can push and prod far more effectively in one’s own culture.

I’m staying at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs; if there’s more attentive service most anywhere, I’d be surprised. I’m off to Carbondale, CO, by car to visit my oldest stepson, Max. One more to go—Sunday in Anaheim—and my 6-week hiatus begins. This current trip, in 10 days: VT-Boston-London-Johannesburg-Mauritius-Dubai-
Frankfurt-Göteborg-Stockholm-London-Denver-Colorado Springs (so far).

[For the PPTs, you can use the links below.—CM]
CO-OP Network, Colorado Springs, CO
CO-OP Network, Long Version