It Takes a (Rather Large) Village …

An attendee of one of our Brand You Workshops, Steve Wood, shared his wife Cullen’s project with us. It’s called Cullen’s abc’s. She’s a preschool teacher in California and in her spare time she records what she calls “idea videos” on YouTube. Cullen gives simple information of interest to preschoolers in a clear and friendly way. It’s a great use of current technology to share her passion for teaching with the world. What we find fascinating is that, according to Steve, a Chinese news agency has published an article about the videos.

What kind of inspiration does this spark for you? Does it make you want to create your own “idea videos” for something you’re passionate about? Does it make you want to find the same type of videos done by preschool teachers in, say, Russia for your children to watch? Let us know.

Shelley Dolley posted this on June 21, 2007, in Education.
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