I enjoyed myself beyond measure, but I had one helluva first six months of 2007. With brutal abandon, I simply piled up too damn many frequent flyer miles. I will mostly be on my beloved Vermont farm for the next five or so weeks—pursuing as nasty a manual labor schedule as my physical self can take. (And loafing—i.e., reading.) Work “of the head” will be minimal, unless I talk myself into one of several pending writing projects, which I hope I don’t.

The upshot is that my Posts will be sporadic—and the posting of PowerPoint presentations nil. (NB: I’ve spent the first three very intense “days off” learning Microsoft Office 2007—which has #%$^ all in common with the ’97–’03 version; I successfully side-stepped Vista, only to be fully ensnared by its cousin. Hint: I am in a very bad mood.)