Thatcher's Shadow, Flat World, Etc.

Sign reading Fire Assembly Point
    • Tony Blair yesterday gave a speech asking business to be more aggressive in the EU. This is a Labor PM? Mrs Thatcher started a pro biz tsunami beyond the (1980) imagination, and has cast an enormous shadow. (

Financial Times

    • headline 0522: “

Blair calls for louder business voice in Europe

    • “)

    • China to invest $3 billion with Blackstone Group. (

Market Watch

    • headline 0522: “

Chinese agency charts bold path

    • “)


The Saudis bought GE Plastics. (International Herald Tribune headline: “Era ends as Saudis buy GE plastics“)


Just another ho-hum day in the Global Economy, circa 2007.

(Speaking of the global economy, above is a charming picture of my view from the Heathrow Terminal 4 Hilton, where I’m hanging out for 10 hours between my Boston to London flight and my London to Johannesburg flight. A little different from Vermont in full Spring bloom at this time yesterday. So, why do I do this?)

Tom Peters posted this on May 22, 2007, in News.
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