Heeeeeeeee's Back!

Crusty & curmudgeonly former Chrysler boss and almost presidential candidate Lee Iacocca is back with … Where Have All the Leaders Gone? The political commentary is pointed—to say the least. Here are a couple of the business quotes, FYI:

#1: “It’s the Cars, Stupid!”

“Make [as auto boss, circa 2007] sure your top team includes top talent in design, engineering and manufacturing, because that’s your only priority—to build cars people want to buy. Hot styling sells them and quality keeps them sold.”

“These days, everybody wants to merge. Too often they’re just blindly gobbling up as many players as they can, in the false belief that bigger has to be better. It kind of makes you wonder if merger-mania isn’t really ego-mania. Or something even more destructive. If you look at it objectively, most mergers do not revitalize companies. Rather, they provide short-term gains for a relatively small group of people, usually Wall Street bankers and lawyers.”