100 Ways to Succeed #90:

For the Sheer Hell of It!

"If it's not fun you're not doing it right."—Fran Tarkenton

Richard Branson does things that matter to him ... for the sheer hell of it. Personally, I think that's a very legitimate career and business philosophy. Frankly, the reason that I take on new stuff, and keep accumulating frequent flyer miles, has long been the unadulterated joy I get from doing what I do, and the sheer pleasure from marching in the opposite direction from the crowd. The same was true, if I may admit it, to me as a builder/junior officer, age 23, in Vietnam in 1966+.

My advice?

Don't do it unless it's fun.
Make it fun. (Always possible, per me.)
Make it fun for others. (Which makes it fun/more fun for you.)

Tarkenton, the NFL quarterback and wildly successful businessperson, "gets it."
Sir Richard Branson "gets it."
So do I.
And you???????????????

(PLEASE: Don't dismiss this as "motivational bullshit." Act as if your life depended on it; your professional life does.)