More to Come

It’s a “twofer.”

As you saw from an earlier Post this week, I spoke at the remarkable Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. As in the case immediately above, I was put to shame by my ignorance as I “read in” to the event. The Hopkins story is peerless—and has resulted in successes since 1916 that are responsible for millions upon millions of lives saved and more millions upon millions of years added to people’s lives. Healthcare (or, rather, health—there’s an enormous difference) has become a recent professional obsession of mine; and the fire was fuelled by this Hopkins opportunity. Wellness, prevention, mass public health, and family practice are my hot buttons (in addition to the hapless state of acute care safety). I intend to fatten my public health library in the months to come—my newfound JHU friends have agreed to mentor me. And a new “Tom Campaign,” as my colleagues sometimes call it, is in the offing.

Tom Peters posted this on April 5, 2007, in Healthcare.
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