XAlways Master

Tom has been getting serious about Excellence again, and, of course, that focus is reflected in his Master Slides. The title of the Master for 2007 is Excellence Always, and it’s grown so much that we present it now in three parts. He’s also decided to get LOUD about the Women’s Thing. He’s been vocal on the subject for a long while, but he recently realized that vocal was not enough, and he turned up the volume. You’ll find a renewed, insistent emphasis on Women as the major market for nearly everything, and Boomers and Geezers along with them.

Here are links to the XAlways Master for 2007:
XAlways2007, Part 1
XAlways2007, Part 2
XAlways2007, Part 3

Cathy Mosca posted this on March 12, 2007, in Tom's Slides.
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