Town Meeting: Tinmouth, Vermont, 3 March 2007

Town Meeting

Voter turnout, in the snow (see below), was over 50%. The decision between public voting at Town Meeting (a 222-year tradition) and secret Australian ballot was on the table. Feelings ran hot, but the meeting was orderly and respectful—and the arguments pro and con so compelling that they changed my mind. It was a wonderful display of Cap-D Democracy. Our issues may not have been directly about war and peace—but they were heartwarming, dramatic even, confirmation of what Mssrs Washington, Adams, et al. were about two-and-a-quarter centuries ago.

In the end, the Australian ballot won by 8 votes. Thus ends a 222-year streak. (I almost wept.)

Snowy Day in Vermont

Tom Peters posted this on March 5, 2007, in General.
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