Now Don't You Worry Your Little Self …

The economist Alan Blinder calls himself “a free trader down to my toes.” But what’s that goop seeping between his toes these days?

This from a must read-ingest, major Wall Street Journal piece (yesterday/0328): “Mr Blinder … remains an implacable opponent of tariffs and trade barriers. But now he is saying loudly that a new industrial revolution—communication technology that allows services to be delivered from afar—will put as many as 40 million American jobs at risk of being shipped out of the country in the next decade or two.” And that staggering stat, per Mr Blinder, is “only the tip of a very big iceberg.”

Four-zero million!
Just the start!

Suggests to me it’s time, per a Post earlier this week, to dust off the “Brand You Plan.” There probably will be, alas, counter-productive Federal legislation. But that will be a wee finger in the dike.

The message is clear—and, to a point, simple. Work on your “value proposition” with renewed urgency. Your odds of landing on your feet are directly proportional to the uniqueness of what you have to sell to the world.

(As I’ve said 100, or 1,000, times, this does not translate into dog-eat-dog competition. To the contrary, you will be the architect of, valued participant in intricate Webs of Value Added that involve many, many others from here, there, and everywhere.)

Hence, unprecedented team skills and individual prowess are both a must.

I’m not an alarmist. (Much.) Still, I’d argue that … today is the day to act! (Yesterday would be better.) Is the project you are working on right now worthy of becoming a chapter, or at least a sidebar, in your emergent & urgent “Brand You Saga”? If not, what do you aim on doing to make it so? Moreover, what on-line course/s (or whatever) are you looking at as another part of your “investment portfolio”?

The problem is more or less simple. The solution is more or less simple. All that’s left is the 98.3 percent called Urgent Execution.

Tom Peters posted this on March 29, 2007, in Brand You.
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