Boomer Madness!

Ken Dychtwald is the guru of gurus in the world of the Age Wave, as he calls it. I’ve done my bit as well.

Move over Ken.
Move over Tom.

Enter the irrepressible Christopher Buckley. (Author of Thank You for Smoking among many others.) Mr Buckley now offers Boomsday. It is a wonderful spoof (that isn’t) about the coming all-out war between boomers bent on a comfy (and lengthy) retirement and those who follow. I am only a few dozen pages into the book—but I love it. A glowing USA Today review offers a peek: “The novel’s heroine, a 29-year-old blogger, comes up with a solution [to the wealth allocation problem—boomers fobbing their needs off on the young]: tax breaks for baby boomers who kill themselves at 65. ‘Voluntary transitioning’ is her term. …”

Presumably you get the drift.

Forget the “serious” analysts—this is the primer, so far, about this genuinely transcending issue.

Tom Peters posted this on March 29, 2007, in Trend$.
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