100 Ways to Succeed #85:

R.O.C(I): “They” All Work For Me!

Suppose I work in a 201-person unit.
Suppose I’m in sales. (Everybody is—but that’s another story.)

Key #1 to success: C(I) >> C(E)

Translation: My Internal Customers/C(I) are more important, perhaps far more important, especially in the long term, than my External Customers/C(E) to whom I am officially making the sale.

Goal: I want all 200 of my mates—in every discipline—working for me! Starting with my CEO!

Secret to Key #1?

Big time investment!

Screw the “traditional silos”—I plan to make love to everybody in every department in the Unit. I want 200 folks desperate to make me successful with my External Client-Customer.

I am desperate in turn to get rid of my external customer. I want “my” External Customer to become not “mine,” but the customer of my mates/C(I). I want them, my C(I), to reap the pleasure and rewards of the relationship with “my” (now their!) External Customer.

(FYI: This applies to every project. The customer is not the customer. The customer is my mates throughout the enterprise who will surpass me in their effort to satisfy-WOW my “official” end user-customer for that IT project.)

So? Are you investing like a … deranged maniac … in your C(I)? Do all 7, 17, 170 folks in your unit work for you—and love it?

Return On Investment in Internal Customers/C(I)—nothing more important. Oh, by the way, have you … MEASURED … the “customer satisfaction” of your internal customers?