What's the Framework? (For Anything!)

I "opened" my e-paper yesterday to be bombarded by three front page stories. All of which show us struggling to work out our new world.

First, inadmissible, web posted, cockpit video footage of a U.S. jet firing on British troops by mistake (and killing one). The coroner held up the trial because he did not "officially" have the video released from the Ministry of Defence 1 year after it was published on the Internet. Crazy, right? Is it just me?

Second, two perverts (monsters) meeting in an Internet chat room and openly planning the rape & murder of two young girls. Crazy, right? Is it just me?

Finally, on a serious news site the British politician doing an advertorial/party political broadcast web video clip thinly veiled as a serious interview. He was even asking himself the questions ... No sign of balance at all. Crazy, right? Is it just me?

So what are the new rules for chat room privacy, mobile phones on trains, personal carbon footprints/aeroplane travel, DIY political interviews? Truth is, nobody knows. As with most things in life we're making it up as we go along. Why then would business be any different? Next time someone (i.e., a boss and/or his tame consultant) says they know the answer. Please laugh ... not too hysterically ... you'll get locked up. Our business leaders reflect our political leaders. In the same way our Nation is over-managed and under-led—so are our businesses.

What I think we need from our political/business leaders is less legislation & control and more leadership. We need a framework within which to consider our businesses (& society) NOT the action-by-action legal manipulation of behaviour. A reminder of our guiding reference systems of Business/National aspiration and Shared Values would be a good start. Even if it just helps us to work out if we want to stay and contribute.

What do you think will help us navigate our businesses in the future?

Chris Nel posted this on February 7, 2007, in Strategies.
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