Sure, don’t believe everything you read. But if it’s true, as I read yesterday, that Jet Blue called an 11 hour wait in a plane on the tarmac at JFK “unacceptable” … well may the Big Guy damn them to the Eternal Fires of Hell … at broil. Whoops, forgot to mention the refund or free flight JB is also apparently offering.

11 hours? No kidding, I’d be in federal custody for having attacked JB employees and having tried to chew my way out of the plane. I simply know … FOR SURE … that I could not have handled that.

Words matter!

The situation was an outright, stretch-the-mind disgrace-horror, but the use of “unacceptable” is also a total travesty.* Assuming the CEO couldn’t have stopped it (he could have), then he should have been on hand at the end to beg forgiveness in person and to have called the situation “an incredible, horrible, disastrous, disgraceful, unconscionable occurrence.”

Jet Blue are idiots!
No more Jet Blue for me!

“Unacceptable,” my tush.

(*”Free flight” … how about a top defense lawyer to help me appeal my federal charges for what I did on board—plus weekly cookies in the high-security pen I’ll be entombed in?)

Tom Peters posted this on February 16, 2007, in Service.
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