Glam vs. Grey

Hollywood has woken up. Women film purchasers over age 35 are BIG business. Check out the nominee list for best actress. Speaking as a Brit—it looks like for the first time in 10 years (I think?) a mature woman (not a silicon enhanced, self-obsessed tissue eater) will win Best Actress. Hooray!!

This is in stark contrast to the stupidity I saw this week in a business. Eighty percent of the sales force are women under 35. (Selling to a predominantly male population—you figure it out!) NONE of the sales managers were female. ALL of the exec population were OWM. And they are asking me why they have such high turnover. They also got upset when I described it as the least of their problems!

Are you/your organisation truly talent focused … or is memory substituting for thinking? Has anyone got a great example of a maniacal obsession with talent, to the point of being blind to prejudice, in their organisation that can cheer us all up?!

Chris Nel posted this on February 23, 2007, in Trend$.
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