What Companies Would You Like to Promote?

Rather than wait until the Chinese New Year to start my new year’s resolutions (normally I’ll use any excuse to put this off), I’ll make one pledge right now: to promote companies that truly “get it” about customer experience! I’m referring, of course, not to what a company does with a customer (a transaction) but what the customer is feeling and thinking as a result of that transaction (an experience). This is where a brand has to walk the talk. As Steve Yastrow says, “Your brand is not what you say you are, but what your customer thinks you are.” As James Carville might have said, “It’s the EXPERIENCE, stupid!”

When I can go on Amazon.com and order a book, CD, or DVD (usually for under 10 bucks, used, including shipping) in the time it takes to boil water for tea (about 50 seconds), I’m left thinking, “SOMEBODY gets it about convenience!” Then I’m energized to do battle with the next 20 items on my To-Do list. When I call Commerce Bank and an exuberant call rep answers, predictably, within 1 second (no kidding!), my reaction is “How come everybody can’t provide this?” My faith in commerce (small c) is restored. Of course it requires TALENT in high measure to pull this off (including usability experts, I presume, in the case of Amazon.com, and highly motivated call center agents in the case of Commerce Bank).

So what companies would you like to promote, which consistently provide you a great customer experience?

John OLeary posted this on January 24, 2007, in Service.
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