More Jim

Check out Here are a few of Jim’s companies (Jim, recall, was one of my three MVP Companies for 2006):

Jim’s Mowing Canada
Jim’s Mowing UK
Jim’s Antennas
Jim’s Bookkeeping
Jim’s Building Maintenance
Jim’s Carpet Cleaning
Jim’s Car Cleaning
Jim’s Computer Services
Jim’s Dog Wash
Jim’s Driving School
Jim’s Fencing
Jim’s Floors
Jim’s Painting
Jim’s Paving
Jim’s Pergolas
Jim’s Pool Care
Jim’s Pressure Cleaning
Jim’s Roofing
Jim’s Security Doors
Jim’s Trees
Jim’s Window Cleaning
Jim’s Windscreens

The common thread is obvious: “help out”—in many respects still “blue ocean,” and very in tune with our incredibly busy lives. The “help out” are my words, not Mr Penman’s. FYI: You can also download—free—Jim’s book: What Will They Franchise Next? The Story of Jim’s Group. I plan to read it on my (long) trip to Athens.