Countdown …

Foot of Market Street, San Francisco

I can already feel the withdrawal symptoms making their way toward my consciousness. In two hours I pack off my computers … speak to the Inc. 500 25th anniversary gathering here in San Francisco at the Fairmont … and then head to New Zealand. And 3 weeks later (12 February) I surface again.

No computer.
No computer.
No %^&#$)@ computer!

Ye gads!

I’ve been wondering when I was last computer-free for this long. Surely in an earlier millennium. As I mentioned before, Susan will conduct an inspection that will put the TSA to shame. Only my camera—and her iPod—is/are allowed under the category labeled “electronics.” Even the ratio of non-fiction to fiction books will be assessed. No sport coat. No ties. (“But what if we go to dinner in a nice place?” “Tough.”) I am considering an audio Blogpost or two—assuming I don’t get caught—maybe while Sergeant Sargent (as in Susan Sargent, spouse) is in the shower.

Well, I will truly miss our communal gathering—hold the fort until I return. And a heartfelt thanks for making this a useful and exciting community!

(I had planned some pithy observation about business & management & life as we know it as sendoff Post. In the end … I had too damn much packing to do.)

Cheers …

(The photo is of the fabled San Francisco Ferry Building, once home base for the Port of San Francisco—it’s at the foot of Market Street.)

Tom Peters posted this on January 22, 2007, in Blogging.
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