Obvious, But Kudos Anyway

The cover story in the current issue of Fortune (12.18) discusses the growth strategies of GE and P&G, typically seen as too big for organic growth spurts. In a box titled “What’s New at GE and P&G,” the following caught my attention: “P&G does more than half its business outside the U.S., so [CEO A.G.] Lafley has recast his top executive group to be 50% non-American.” No “MacArthur genius award” here, but a Nobel for Common Sense may be in order. (Next thing you know, we’ll hear that the top P&G group is dominated by … Women, who buy bloody all of A.G.’s stuff. Physical fitness tip: Don’t hold your breath awaiting this occurrence.)

Tom Peters posted this on December 4, 2006, in Trend$.
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