Cool Friend: John Maeda

When Tom got a copy of John Maeda’s book, this is what he wrote:

I planned to skim-sample John Maeda’s book, then decide to endorse it—or not. I quickly found myself mesmerized—and thence the only issue was deciding what were the strongest words I could muster in support of The Laws of Simplicity. The book is important; and Maeda has made an absurdly complex subject—simplicity—approachable and usable.

Bravo! I hope the people who design the products I’ll acquire in the next 10 years take this book to heart.

Maeda is an artist as well as an author, and the founder of the Simplicity Consortium at the MIT Media Lab. You can read his Cool Friends interview here, or visit his websites, and

Cathy Mosca posted this on December 13, 2006, in Cool Friends.
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