Updates! Always updates! The Master “Excellence. Always.” The women’s version thereof. A “short” version of that Master. And an extended version of the “Think-Do” presentation. (Hope this stuff is of value.)

Fascinating day with Discover Networks. I was very, very cranky-impatient-“dogmatic” about the Women-Boomer-Geezer stuff—and had the nerve, for better or for worse, to make that 75%+ of the speech. I remain totally committed to this—the Business Opportunity is matchless & enormous. The data are irrefutable. And 9 of 10 still fail to grasp the nettle—particularly the “strategic re-alignment” nettle. Repeat: This is not a “program.” This is not an “initiative.” “This” must become “How we do things around here”—the centerpiece of Corporate Culture.

Tom Peters posted this on November 3, 2006, in Tom's Slides.
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