Outsourcing Surgery

Thursday on ABC News, I watched a special on Outsourcing Surgery in India. At a hospital in India, some Americans are finding a solution to having surgeries that aren’t approved by their health insurance. One woman flew 30 hours to have a 30-minute surgery at 1/3 the cost in America. Because her condition was considered “pre-existing,” she was not covered by her health plan. Her condition made it painful to walk and sit for any length of time, and she was in constant pain—not how we should want people to live their lives. But she worked for a small company, and the insurance wouldn’t cover it. Her employer, however, kept searching for a different solution to help her fix the situation. The answer was PlanetHospital.

PlanetHospital takes care of all the details, meets the patient at the airport, and takes them right to the hospital. Even though this particular patient arrived during late hours, the hospital received her and prepared her for surgery. The hospital in India supposedly has lower infection rates when compared to the U.S. Interestingly enough, India is in the process of building more medical facilities closer to the airport.

Surgery, anyone?

Val Willis posted this on October 24, 2006, in Healthcare.
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