Where do I get off offering weight loss advice? Dunno. I’ve fought the Forces of Heavy for decades. At the moment I’m in a “less worse than usual” hiatus. And I’d like to keep it that way.

All advice on weight reduction is suspect—that is, there are three, if not thirteen, sides to every suggestion. Nonetheless, I came across the following somewhere or other, and it’s been devastatingly effective (though, indeed, counter to much conventional wisdom). Namely: WEIGH IN EVERY MORNING!

Yup, water retention, or some such, is up one day and down the next. Sorry, if the base over the span of a few days is up, it means your weight is up. Obviously, the “demoralizing” counterargument is the most persuasive. I agree that it’s often demoralizing. But, for me, if I don’t do “it” every day, then I often find myself rationalizing why I “can just wait another few days” before hopping on the scales.

As I said, for what it’s worth. (And it’s been worth a lot to me.)

Tom Peters posted this on October 11, 2006, in Healthcare.
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