Leapfrog Measures Safety

You have to be intrigued by a group that calls themselves “Leapfrog!” The Leapfrog Group is an organization that focuses on promoting health care quality and safety. They have created an assessment to determine the safety readiness of hospitals across the country. According to a recent press release, “Fifty-nine U.S. hospitals have been named to the first Leapfrog Top Hospitals list, based on … results from the Leapfrog Hospital Quality and Safety Survey, a national rating system that offers a broad assessment of a hospital’s quality and safety. The survey results from over 1,200 hospitals … reveal significant findings …”

Part of the survey has revealed that 9 out of 10 hospitals have implemented procedures to avoid wrong site surgeries. In our language, that means they assure operating on the right part of the body! Hmmm, do you wonder what the rest of the hospitals are doing?

The Leapfrog Group publishes and updates hospital data regularly, and it can be viewed by consumers at no charge on their website, www.leapfroggroup.org.

See if your hospital has made the top fifty-nine list: Leapfrog_Top_Hospitals_2006_list.pdf

Val Willis posted this on October 30, 2006, in Healthcare.
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