A Few "Talent Lessons" from the Arts

Been meaning to publish this for a while. If we are in an Age of Talent, then we can turn to guidance from arenas where the Big Idea of Talent has been standard fare for eons. Namely, the likes of the arts. I put together a single PPT slide called “A Few ‘Talent Lessons’ from the Arts.” You’ll find the content (pretty self-explanatory) below—and then another tiny Special Presentation. To wit:

Each person hired and developed and inspired and evaluated in unique ways (23 contributors = 23 unique contributions = 23 pathways = 23 distinct personalities = 23 sets of motivators)
Attitude/Enthusiasm/Energy paramount!
“Peculiar” = Requisite (Each expected to make unique/”peculiar” contribution)
“Practice is cool” (Practice stars = Performance stars. See George Leonard’s Mastery; Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit)
Team and Individual “performance” equally cherished
Aspire to EXCELLENCE = Obvious (Excellence = Cool)
Talent = Brand = Duh
“The Project” rules
Emotional language Okay
“Bit players”? No! (All = Vital)
Standard = B.I.W. (Best. In. World.)
Different events = Different rosters (Duh.)

Needless (??) to say, the above is quite a few miles from standard HR practice.

Tom Peters posted this on October 6, 2006, in Talent.
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