The Store Just Added Another Shelf!

Yes, the day before yesterday’s “short” 823-slide MASTER just grew to … 902 slides! Some of your comments have been barbs about brevity. I guess it’s obvious, or should be. A “MASTER” is my personally constructed encyclopedia; from it are drawn various presentations—and as I prep for those presentations new material is added. For example, today’s First Data presentation started with the whole 902-slide shebang. The sculptor Henry Moore, I believe, said that sculpture is, uh, easy. If you are sculpting A. Lincoln, for example, you simply take a big stone and get rid of everything that’s not Lincoln. Hence Round #1 of the First Data presentation reduced the slide count from 902 to 322. (By removing the 580 slides that “were not First Data.”) Round #2 got me to 211. Round #3 came in at 172 and round #4 at 154. (It gets harder!) Eventually I’ll get to about 100 slides; all in all it usually takes about 10-15 drafts.

Tom Peters posted this on September 20, 2006, in Tom's Slides.
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