Purell Time (Again)!

Fall, of course, is officially here. FluTime ain’t that far away. While at my local/Boston pharmacy (a GREAT “small company,” by the way—Gary Drug on Charles Street), I bought my Fall-Winter supply of PURELL. It’s my favorite, easy-to-find anti-bacterial hand wipe.

Health Rule #1: WASH YOUR HANDS! I’ve been (recently) turned into a gen-u-ine fanatic. Consider:

“If God spoke to me by saying, ‘Mark, you’re down to your last three words: What would you want to say to your fellow humans that would make the most positive impact?’ It would be a close call between ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ and ‘Wash Your Hands.’ A close third would be ‘Move, Move, Move.'”—Mark Pettus, M.D., The Savvy Patient

“The most important thing you can do to keep from getting sick is to wash your hands.”—CDC/National Center for Infectious Diseases

Purell has 62% alcohol, which serves my purposes pretty well—though 80% or more is recommended. Of course in “speech world” I shake hundreds of hands—but that’s not the point. If you don’t shake a hand a week this matters—a lot.

Tom Peters posted this on September 22, 2006, in Healthcare.
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