Keep On Truckin'

Great snippet in this week’s Newsweek. “Keep On Truckin'” describes In-Cab University, “the first accredited college catering to the trucking community. Drivers, whose classes start this week, listen to lectures while on the road and submit assignments at rest stops and loading docks using cell phones and Wi-Fi.” One driver-student, Stephen Fraser, 38 and a business major, says: “Rather than driving all day and dreaming about lottery winnings, I’m actually using my mind.” Several fleets are covering the $225 per credit hour cost. Courses are offered in science, business, the humanities, and personal growth (the latter addressing such relevant issues as long-distance relationships).

Talk about a positive spin for the tech revolution! Congrats to the creators of In-Cab University, the “freshman” drivers—and the companies that are ponying up.

Tom Peters posted this on September 1, 2006, in Education.
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