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Amazon delivered Louann Brizendine’s book The Female Brain yesterday. Here’s the opener: “It’s not as if we all start out with the same brain structure. They are different by nature. Think about this. What if the communication center is bigger in one brain than the other? What if the emotional memory center is bigger in one brain than the other? What if one brain develops a greater ability to read cues in people than another? In this case, you would have a person whose reality dictated that communication, connection, emotional sensitivity, and responsiveness were the primary values. This person would prize these qualities above all others and be baffled by another person with a brain that didn’t grasp the importance of these qualities. In essence, you would have someone with a female brain.”

This gem of a book goes into today’s “travels to Puerto Rico” pile. If I’m right (I am! Period!) about the overwhelming importance-humongous size of the women’s market, and the boomer women’s market in particular, well, my case has just gotten much stronger based on the evidence presented in this book. Men just don’t cut it when it comes to understanding the women’s market. So … put women in charge. Now.

(So you’re bored about my harping on this issue. Shut me up: Respond strategically to this monster opportunity.)

Tom Peters posted this on September 26, 2006, in Trend$.
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