Buy that (63-year-old) boy a map. I know I’ve been quiet for the last several days. Put simply, I have two round trips to Asia/Australia in two weeks. Left home Friday a week ago, spoke last Tuesday in Adelaide following a door-to-door 38-hour trip from Vermont. Then immediately on to Austin, another 24+ hour jaunt. (My presence didn’t seem to help the Longhorns Saturday night.) Home for a/one day—and off to LA for a speech today followed by another marathon, to Seoul, for back-to-back full-day forums. By next Saturday, God willing, I will have racked up 50,000+ miles in two weeks.

My jet lag has jet lag—I’ll be approaching sanity in a couple of weeks. Please bear with me.

Tom Peters posted this on September 11, 2006, in Tom's Travels.
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