In our realtime world I love to run across a thoroughly new, well-researched idea that hasn’t been reported on. (Or at least hasn’t caught my attention).

BusinessWeek has a barnburner of a cover story this week (0925), “What’s Really Propping Up the Economy.” Long-time, brilliant BW economics reporter Michael Mandel begins, “Since 2001, the healthcare industry has added 1.7 million jobs. The rest of the private sector? None.” Paradox: We decry h-care spending—and without it, at one level, we’re sunk. Interesting, no?

Speaking of healthcare & “amazing,” on another note I remain fully captivated-blown away by the Planetree Alliance; their “patient-centered” acute-care model is more or less (more more than less per me) peerless. “Patient-centered” is no hollow slogan with these folks. Attached is an updated Plantree PowerPoint FYI. Not so incidentally, they are the only acute-care operation (their flagship Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT, that is) to make the “100 best companies to work for” list—7 times running, currently at a robust #4.

Tom Peters posted this on September 22, 2006, in Healthcare.
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