I've been thinking about a "911 post"—and the fact is that I am at a literal loss for words. Our world flipped upside down five years ago today—and there are few signs that it will right itself any time soon, perhaps not even in my stepkids' lifetimes, let alone my own. I ruefully admit that during the Lebanon fray/debacle, I thought more than once: "Enough. What's the point of carrying on with my mundane affairs?" But I am, and I shall.

What's my "911 Post"?


That seems the most appropriate personal memorial and tribute—since indeed no words will be adequate to the task of remembrance. Silence also serves as a prayer for the thousands upon thousands, from Soldiers to TSA screeners, who are working in Iraq and Albuquerque to thwart the nefarious plans of our invisible and insane opponents.