Media Sightings, of a Different Sort

Over at YouTube, someone named Chartreuse has grabbed three and half minutes from Tom’s Re-imagine! video and posted it. It’s a segment about how cable network TNT got rid of professional wrestling and re-branded itself as all drama all the time. Tom introduces the piece.

In a vaguely related vein, someone named Roxanne gets someone to videotape her as she walks along a Hawaiian beach and calls it Beach Walks with Rox. In episode #11 she references one of Tom’s posts about competition. I’m not quite sure what I think about all of this but clearly there’s something going on here. The beach, sound of the waves washing over the sand, palm trees. It’s kind of mesmerizing. And she’s up to episode #173, so she’s not kidding around.

Erik Hansen posted this on August 15, 2006, in Branding.
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