Blogroll Additions

We’ve had a flurry of additions to our blogroll, and I thought I’d take a moment to announce them:

* MarketingProfs:DailyFix takes blog entries from around the Web, mixes them with original content, and puts everything people are saying about marketing in one place. The result is an excellent resource. They’ve re-blogged a few of Tom’s posts.
* Rethink Pink. The website promoting this annual Marketing-to-Women symposium has a blog. The subject is so important to Tom, how could we not?
* Strategic Name Development is the website of a naming consultancy. The factors that go into choosing a name for a business are complex, worthy of a blog, and a cool addition to the topics on our blogroll.
* Expreference. An American business owner in China blogs about his work, the culture, and his day-to-day life experience. Fascinating. Lots of photos and videos. A valuable, intimate look at China.
* Steve Farber, Cool Friend, speaker, writer, inspirationalist. His latest book is The Radical Edge.
* Bob Sutton, Cool Friend, author of Weird Ideas That Work.
* Richard Cauley is a contributor to our comments. He’s inspired a PowerPoint slide by Tom, and he has a blog called patent warrior. Take a look.

I’m sorry if I missed anybody. As I said, there’ve been quite a few additions recently. With RSS, the blogroll becomes less important than it was, even in the short (tho’ not short in Internet time) two years since we started this blog. But our blogroll represents our recommendations for you to sample, and if you see anything you like you can subscribe to their RSS feeds. It’s long and messy. We like it like that! Maybe one day it will extend all the way down the front page.

Cathy Mosca posted this on August 9, 2006, in Blogging.
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