100 Ways to Succeed #76:

“Dramatic Frenzy”

Perhaps “dramatic frenzy of value creation” sounds abstract.
(Or unattainable.)


So: How can you alter (a) your current project, (b) your CV … to approach the idea of “dramatic frenzy of value creation”?

I contend that this is a v-e-r-y PRACTICAL idea. Among the Most Important Practical Ideas/Tasks you could possibly undertake.

If you disagree … you are wrong.
(Think outsourcing.) (“‘Disintermediation’ is overrated. Those who fear disintermediation [outsourcing] should in fact be afraid of irrelevance—disintermediation is just another way of saying that you’ve become irrelevant to your customers.”—John Battelle/Point/Advertising Age/07.05) (Relevance = Dramatic Frenzy of Value Creation.—TP What else?)

Tom Peters posted this on August 8, 2006, in Success Tips.
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