My Summer Project

My summer project is Ulysses S. Grant. Just finished biography No.4. I still have the agreed-upon “best presidential memoirs” left. (Best for last.) I reveal my mini-obsession at this point because it fits the above observations like a glove. Grant was a believer in … ACTION. A “bias for action” from Peters and Waterman/Search in 1982 is Grant in 1862. (Or Patton in ’44.) Hence, I have appended a mini-presentation, which consists mainly of relevant quotes lifted from various biographies.

I have come to believe that Grant ought to have been the fifth head at Rushmore—I’m sorry he was left out. He was a genius tactician, matchless troop commander, visionary philosopher-politician, and extraordinary human being.

Enjoy! I’ve had a ball!

Tom Peters posted this on July 18, 2006, in Execution.
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